Robbie Carswell’s work is fundamentally abstract and therefore does not draw inspiration from any ‘found reality’. These are paintings, no more no less. These are not windows or vignettes framing a view ‘beyond’. As abstract paintings they embrace this working method's predisposition for flatness while utilising interlacing, graphic passages to weave a shallow, non-illusory space. The juxtaposition of colour is always the basic building block of each investigation within these paintings. Contrasting layers are built up one by one creating a constant flux across the surface of each work. For the last 30 years the use of stencils to create sharp, uncompromising areas of flat, uniform colour has been the predominant motif, one shared by many forms of ornamentation and schemata on two-dimensional surfaces. The arbitrary or abstract composition of two-dimensional surfaces has always been a fundamental need of human nature be that flat or illusory.